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Having a hard time using TikTok?

Let me show you how to create a TikTok Account that gets views from the US, UK or any other country you don’t reside in

No more shadow ban | Target any country you want & drive 100% FREE traffic to any offer | Works even if TikTok is banned in your country

If you hate that TikTok only sends views from your present location

If you prefer to drive traffic from a different country

If TikTok is banned in your country

Or your TikTok account was shadowbanned for some reason

Then tighten your seat belt as I give you the Ultimate solution to your dilemma

TikTok has billions of users and you might have tried tapping into this massive free traffic 

But Failed to do so

Well I can assure you…IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT

THE GURUS failed to tell you

the entire truth

They Probably Told You…

All you need to do is create relevant content to grab traffic from TikTok

What they failed to reveal is the problems you are likely to face when trying to use the platform



TikTok is banned in some countries and these countries include:


Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Pakistan, Taiwan,


Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, Canada, United States


Australia, New Zealand

The government of these countries have totally or partially banned their citizens from using TikTok for a variety of reasons.

So this means, if you live in any of these countries you might have a hard time using TikTok for your online business.

But maybe your country is not banned and you have a working TikTok account.

Here’s another problem…



TikTok shows your content to people in your location.

You might not have a problem with this if you live in a country where your target audience resides.

If not, then this might be a pain in the neck

Let’s Take this example

Let’s say you are an internet marketer living in say… Lithuania for instance, and you promote CPA offers, or other digital products online that work best for people in the US or UK.

Then you might find it quite challenging. Because what happens is, TikTok will drive traffic, alright. But it will mostly be people who live in Lithuania.




This is when TikTok prohibits your content from showing up on the For You page

And you get a significant drop in engagement on your videos meaning no views, no likes, nothing.

Just you posting content and getting crickets.

The funny thing about this is

Your account could be shadow banned or permanently banned by mistake

In order to solve these problems

Most people get a VPN to change their IP or try to trick the TikTok algo by getting a foreign phone number to post their content

but in spite of this, TikTok still fishes out their actual location

They see their FOR YOU page has changed to the country of their choice but when they post videos they are still restricted to their location

You might have gone through
this same challenge but trust me

you are not alone

I have wasted hundreds of dollars on numerous methods and VPNs

In a desperate bid to drive traffic from Tier 1 countries like the US or UK.

I even paid someone to help me create a TikTok account and post content for a crazy monthly fee.

I went on this way, until

I finally discovered the solution

to create TikTok accounts in any
of these countries


















For instance, here are some accounts I created for some of my clients and they get instant views from the US even though they do not reside there

I can target any country for my TikTok videos, Even if I live on Mars

And I am about to show you how I do It


A 35 page PDF eBook, that shows you how to create a TikTok account that drives traffic from any country of your choice

What's Inside...

Inside you will learn the best tool that works to create a working TikTok account.

You will learn the secret loophole to post your content without TikTok ever knowing your actual location

How to target any foreign country and drive free traffic from TikTok

Who this is for

Internet marketers looking to drive Tier 1 traffic to offers they are promoting

Affiliate marketers who live in countries where TikTok is banned

Ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to spread word about their brand to a specific country

This is the perfect solution

If you are having a hard time targeting a different country for your videos

and if you do not like that people who view your content are from your native country or present location

Most especially if TikTok was banned in your country.

You might have bought several courses and watched dozens of videos on YouTube that teach so many ways to get views on TikTok but It's all useless if you do not have a working TikTok account

Don’t waste your time & money on another unusable TikTok tutorial without first learning how to create a working TikTok account

You can have your new TikTok Account
set up in less than 30 minutes

And You never have to worry about...

Using crappy VPN. I'll show you what works

Getting unreliable foreign phone numbers

Relocating to another country just to drive traffic from your preferred audience

How much will this eBook cost?

I will not waste your precious time beating around the bush and just tell you right off the bat.

This eBook costs only $17 but for the next 10 people there is a $10 discount. The price will increase afterwards.

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P.S I don’t mess around with my promises. The discount code will be deactivated soon and the price will be increased. So get in on this now.

P.P.S If you decide to do this on your own, you might get it all wrong and waste so much time and money in the process like I did.

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